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Meet Katie Richardson, a Severna Park mom, wife + mom of four kids, and the founder and creator of a busy mom’s secret weapon for creating Holiday MAGIC, YearCheer

YearCheer all started with Mom Guilt! After too many moments of last-minute shopping and scrambling to celebrate each holiday with her kids, Katie decided to make holidays easy for other busy moms and became THE holiday fairy godmother! With a background in product development and retail, she’s helped thousands of families across the country create priceless memories without the hassle throughout the year. Each box is full of creative crafts, games, decor items, and more including everything you need to decorate, connect and celebrate each holiday. 

Katie shares how YearCheer has taught her to create joy and memories whenever she can, how laughter makes everything better, and her tips to create holiday magic in your own home with three simple rules! 

Use code MOMS20 for 20% off a July YearCheer box + receive a bonus BOX for FREE!  You can also use code MOMS15 for 15% off your entire order all year! YearCheer guarantees delivery to Maryland for all orders placed by June 28th.


Tell us a little bit about you and your family! Where did you grow up? How long have you lived in the area? How many kids do you have? 

Hi! I’m Katie Richardson. I grew up just outside of Harrisburg, PA, and attended college in Chicago. My career started in San Francisco, where I moved for my first job and met my husband while watching Sex and the City at his apartment, as none of my friends had HBO. We later moved to Minneapolis to work at Target’s headquarters, where we spent eight wonderful years and welcomed three children.

In 2015, seeking to be closer to family, we relocated to Severna Park, for a job opportunity at Under Armour. Since then, we’ve had our fourth child and have thoroughly enjoyed making new friends, exploring the area, and being back on the East Coast.


You’re the founder and creator of YearCheer – a busy mom’s secret weapon for creating Holiday MAGIC! Tell us what motivated you to start the company and your philosophy behind it!

Honestly, it all started with Mom Guilt! I founded YearCheer after too many moments of being unprepared to celebrate holidays with my kids. My daughter would visit a friend’s house decorated for Valentine’s Day and come home asking, “What are we doing for Valentine’s Day?”

My demanding job at Under Armour left me scrambling at the last minute, often finding the stores already onto the next holiday by the time I shopped. My older sister noticed that, aside from Christmas and birthdays, I struggled with holiday preparations. She began sending me boxes of goodies for upcoming holidays, allowing me to effortlessly create festive moments and feel like a hero.

This experience was a game-changer. It took the stress out of planning and shopping, letting me focus on having fun with my kids. I wanted to bring this same joy and ease to other busy moms, helping them create magical holiday memories without the hassle. What I love is that I can blend my background in product development and retail with my life as a mom of four and help thousands of moms across the country create priceless memories with their kids. That’s how YearCheer was born— now I get to be a holiday fairy godmother as a busy mom’s secret weapon for creating holiday magic!


What are you most excited about for this coming year with YearCheer?

We are introducing both Back to School and Birthday Boxes in addition to the 10 holidays we already celebrate, including New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter/Spring, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas/Hannukah and New Year’s Eve.

What’s in a YearCheer box?

Everything you need to decorate, connect and celebrate each holiday throughout the year! YearCheer boxes are targeted to kids age 3-10 but we have found that kids of all ages enjoy the family activities that are included. When there are individual “surprises” or “gifts” we will make sure to have enough to work for up to 4 kids but that it won’t be duplicative for families with 1-2 kids. Our customers love the quality and durability of the items to enjoy meaningful family time with activities everyone will love. Since everything you need for every holiday is in one box, there’s no need to shop around or plan! YearCheer thought of it all to keep the kids entertained with activities and games that are both fun and educational. Every holiday features new items, making it an exciting box to open (almost) every month of the year! 

YearCheer boxes make wonderful gifts for any family! You can buy a one time gift, a prepaid multi month gift or a recurring subscription as a gift. 


How has your job shifted your perspective of Motherhood?

When I started YearCheer, my kids were ages 1 to 9, and I was really in the thick of toddler and young kid motherhood. We weren’t yet involved in too many sports, so we had more time to be together and do activities like crafts and family games. However, I often found myself so tired that making it happen was still sometimes a struggle.

Creating YearCheer allowed me to test many ideas and gain inspiration from doing things with my own kids. I’m so grateful that I slowed down and took the time to be a little “extra” during the holidays. When your kids are young, the simplest things can really delight them, and with just a little extra effort, it can be so fun for both the parents and the kids to create special moments and memories.

Now my kids are ages 6.5 to 15, and it’s incredible how much they’ve changed in the last five years. While my younger two are still very much in the “magic” years and want to spend time with me, my older kids are more independent. However, I find they still really appreciate it when we get out our YearCheer box to decorate, and I make them play fun family games and activities for the holidays.

The saying “the days are long, but the years are short” is so true. The biggest perspective that has changed for me is realizing how fleeting these magical moments are. YearCheer has taught me to cherish the time I have with my kids, to be present, and to create joy and memories whenever I can—and that the holidays act as great milestones throughout the year, reminding me to slow down. It’s about making the most of the time we have together and understanding that these little moments are what they’ll remember and cherish as they grow older. These holiday memories we’re making now are the memories they’ll carry with them from their childhood and the traditions they’ll share with their future families for generations to come.


What are some tips and advice you can give us if we’re looking to create holiday magic in our own homes? 

Keep It Simple: Simplify your holiday preparations by planning decor and activities in advance. A YearCheer box can help with this, providing everything you need to create festive moments without the stress of last-minute planning.  For most holidays, I like to choose just one area that we decorate and celebrate in where it’s easier for fewer decorations to make an impact and it makes setting up and taking decorations down much easier.

Focus on Experiences, Not Perfection: The joy of holidays comes from the experiences you share, not from perfect decorations or flawless meals. Embrace the imperfections and enjoy the moments together, whether it’s a slightly messy craft project or a fun-filled family game night.

Capture the Moments: Take photos and videos of your holiday celebrations throughout the year. Create a scrapbook or digital album to look back on these special times. These captured moments will be cherished memories for years to come.

What’s something you love that’s just for you?

Pilates.  I need to do it more but I love the practice and discipline of it.

And teen TV shows – the summer I turned pretty, Never have I ever, I’ve been in love with this genre since Clueless and My So Called Life.


Best mom hack that makes your life easier.

Find friends who are more on top of things than you are and make sure they text you reminders of things 🙂


Name something you hope your children look back and remember about their childhood and you as their mama.

I hope they remember how much they were loved and how hard we worked to give them opportunities and experiences that helped them become amazing human beings.

What’s your favorite family activity to do in the area? 

We live close to Kinder Farm Park and I love walking or riding bikes around the park, visiting the baby goats, going to the park, or playing on the sports fields with the kids.


What have you learned from your children?

Laughter makes everything better and patience… lots of patience.


Greatest gift about being a mom.

I love watching my children grow and seeing their individual personalities develop. Teaching them about the world, exploring, snuggling with them, and creating fun memories together allows me to experience childhood all over again through their eyes. They remind me not to take life so seriously and they make me laugh every day.


Best advice for mom guilt.

My favorite mentor gave me this advice before I had my third child, and it’s truly the best advice ever: “Lower your expectations.” Lower your expectations of what a “perfect” day, weekend, trip, or birthday is. Accept that your house may not always be spotless, you may not always be in perfect shape, and you might not get everything done in a day. Unrealistic expectations are the killers of joy and cause a lot of mom guilt. Having grace for yourself and lowering your expectations is one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received.


Who has most influenced you to be the mom you are today?

My mom! She’s my number one cheerleader and always goes above and beyond in the most thoughtful ways to make us feel special. It’s something I’ve learned from her and definitely find myself doing with my own family. From super thoughtful gifts to planning family trips and ensuring that we have fun when everyone is together by playing games and decorating to make occasions feel special, she is not only the inspiration behind how I parent but also the inspiration behind YearCheer!

Katie Richardson founded YearCheer after too many moments of being unprepared to celebrate holidays with her kids. So she decided to make holidays easy for other busy moms, fun for the kids AND delivered to your door for each holiday throughout the year! 

Use code MOMS20 for 20% off a July YearCheer box + receive a bonus BOX for FREE!  OR use code MOMS15 for 15% off your entire order all year! YearCheer can guarantee delivery to Maryland for all orders placed by June 28th.

YearCheer is a busy mom’s secret weapon for creating Holiday MAGIC – see the full calendar of boxes including everything you need to decorate, connect and celebrate each holiday!

Sign up for a monthly subscription, give a YearCheer gift, and learn more at

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