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On average, parents will be woken up by 6:45am on Christmas morning. That doesn’t seem too early unless you’re like most parents and pull all-nighters putting together bikes, dollhouses, tiny kitchens and adding the final touches on Christmas magic for the morning.

After hours of putting all those little pieces together, the presents are wrapped and under the tree, the stockings are overflowing and (the most important part) the coffee timer is set for the morning. … YOU’RE DONE! You finally get into bed and look at the clock. The reality sets in – in just a few short hours, your tiny ones will be awake. They’ll be kicking down your door with excitement bouncing on your bed, begging to go downstairs.  

Most parents will wake up like this on Christmas morning, but it doesn’t have to be YOU this year! 


Here are 8 Tips to Get Kids to Sleep In On Christmas:

Get Plenty of Sunshine.

Sunshine helps set the body’s natural clock. Daylight helps to establish the circadian rhythms by developing our natural awake hormones that help us to be alert during the day. Playing outside helps to establish that rhythm.

Stay Active During the Day.

Go for a bike ride, a family run or run around the kitchen with your kids to wear them out extra before bedtime. Getting exercise during the day will help their bodies ready for sleep at night. Make sure that the exercise is hours before bedtime so they’re not too wound up too close to bedtime. 

Limit Snacks Before Bedtime.

Limiting your kid’s snacking before bedtime will help avoid any sugar highs that will keep them from falling asleep. A study found that the consumption of pineapple, oranges and bananas increases melatonin production about two hours later. Give the snack about 30 minutes before bedtime so your child has a chance to digest. 

Use Blackout Curtains.

If you’re not already using blackout curtains, add them to your cart right now. Having blackout curtains will help trick your kid’s brain into thinking it’s still dark out, hopefully making them roll over and sleep in a little longer. While you’re at it, get them for your room too because #treatyourself

Make Breakfast the Night Before.

Try a new overnight oatmeal recipe or whip up a yummy breakfast casserole. Do the breakfast prep the night before so you can sleep in a little longer.

Set Your Clocks Back 1 Hour.

If your kids watch the clock to know what time they’re allowed to leave their room, set the clock back 1 hour. It’ll make a funny story when they’re older.

Have Your Kids Sleep in their Own Rooms.

Unless your kids normally sleep together, be sure they sleep in their own rooms on Christmas Eve. Sleeping together will encourage them to talk and keep each other awake.

The Last Kid Up Gets to Open the First Present.

They’ll either come to your room a few hours later or all work together and wake up at the same time. Either way, it’s worth a try!

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